Sakura Ashika, aka Gokurakuin Sakurako

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Title: Worlds End Garden
Circle: Sakura Ashika (aka Gokurakuin Sakurako)
Release Date: December 30, 2003

makoto's notes
This is an "Orion no Shounen" ("Juvenile Orion") doujinshi by the original author. Except Gokurakuin-sensei was too embarrassed by the content to actually say it's an Orion doujinshi, so we'll all just pretend we don't recognize it for what it is. Which is, of course, TomonoriXTsukasa. Hope you didn't buy into that whole "fatherly" thing that Mana saw in the manga. Pfffft.

In her comments at the end, Sensei says she thought the official Orion manga ended too soon and she was left with a feeling of "Well, what happens now?"... so she wrote a doujinshi to make herself feel better. That's great, except I didn't really have that feeling after the manga, I have that feeling after her DOUJINSHI.

It's set 10 years or so down the line; Tomonori and Tsukasa are still living together, and wax poetic about their (clearly non-platonic) love for each other. Apparently, Mana has been sleeping, or sealed away, or something, for a while now. Kaname and Naoya (who, by the way, now has an eyepatch) are wandering together, shirtless for no apparent reason other than to show off their new attractive twenty-something bodies, and they head off to meet up with Tomonori and Tsukasa and "that red-haired guy". What? What the hell is going on? What happened to Mana? Where'd Shiba go? What happened to Naoya's eye~~? Damn, this doujinshi is just cruel, but if you've secretly thought that Tomonori and Tsukasa were meant to be a couple, the manga author is giving you permission to daydream. Cheers.

There's also a big spread in the back for the awesome Mindbreaker/Eraser pair from the manga. Did those two ever get names? I don't think they did, how pitiful. ;_; And we meet Tata, the little bat summons. He has a bow around his neck; that was surely Naoya's doing. I hope Gokurakuin-sensei comes back to fill in the gaps someday, but until then I'll shake my head in wonder and admire Kaname's new tattoo. :)