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This page includes basic information about the terms used on this page and how to contact Minako-chan for comments or questions!


This site assumes that you have at least a basic grasp of Japanese and you're able to navigate the game by yourself. I do NOT plan on ever doing translations of the game, not even for short areas like the endings, so please don't ask!

Although the game's in Japanese, my pages are written entirely in English. Why? Simply because it makes things easier for me to write. The following information shows the basic terms that I use throughout these pages.

Basic Parameters

The basic parameters are laid out in the following table.

StudyAcademic smartsArtArtistic ability
BodyPhysical abilitySenseSensitivity towards others
FashionKnowledge about
current trends/events
CharmFeminine charm

Tsukushi's Information

You can visit your little brother Tsukushi to learn everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite guys. That's the good news. The bad news is, there are three different parameters that use nearly the same terms.


Relationships, as noted by the little smiling faces, give you a general idea about how a guy feels about you. Every guy has different amounts of Tokimeki and Friend that are required to switch to each level. For example, the requirements are so high for Himuro-sensei, that the minimum requirements for a Love relationship with most guys is still considered a Friendly relationship with Sensei. Seriously!

LoveLike FriendlyNormal DislikeHate

Tokimeki Panel

The Tokimeki Panel for each guy provides four important pieces of information related to the relationship: Tokimeki and Friend Parameters, and Love and Friend Points. The example below shows a guy who has high Tokimeki, but low Love points, and low-ish Friend, but high Friend points.

Image of the Tokimeki panel


There's one last important parameter, but unfortunately it's completely hidden. The Hurt parameter increases slightly every month, and then increases further if you ignore the guy or pay another guy too much attention. But when the Hurt parameter becomes too high, a little bomb appears next to the guy's name in Tsukushi's Tokimeki panel. Don't let the bomb explode, or you can say goodbye to your relationships!


This page was written up by Minako-chan based on her own long experiences playing TokiMemo on both the PS2 and DS. The advice comes from Minako-chan, but the numbers come from the official Konami guide.

For those who are really obsessive, like me, the official guide includes tons of great information and can be found here.

To contact Minako-chan for questions, comments, or suggestions for additions to the page, click here

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