Quick Guide to Guys

This section has a quick guide to the guys and some of the key points for hunting them down and making them love you.

Basic Info

Here's a quick cheat sheet for the main guys. To win a guy's heart, aim for the final parameters and try to wear the best style all the time.

NameBest StyleOK StyleBest AccessoryFinal Params
HazukiPureSportyBaretteStudy, Art, Fashion, Body = 150+
Sense, Charm = 100+
MorimuraPureElegantEarringStudy = 200+
Art = 150+
MiharaElegantSexyShawlArt = 200+
Charm = 150+
KijoSexySportyPierced earringsFashion = 200+
Body = 150+
SuzukaSportyPureHair pinBody = 200+
Sense = 150+
HibiyaSportySexyBroochStudy, Art, Fashion, Body = 100+
Sense, Charm = 80+
HimuroPureSportyHair bandStudy = 150+
Body, Sense = 120+
AmanohashiElegantPureCorsageSense, Charm = 150+


There are eight major types of endings. If you reach the requirements for more than one ending, they are given the following priority:


Normal Love Ending

There are four major requirements for the normal love endings. In addition, you can chose between the KISS ENDING, or the NO KISS ENDING. The difference is very easy. To get the kiss ending, simply touch the character's lips with the touch pen instead of touching a phrase.

Tendo Love Ending

This new hidden character surprisingly easy to gain for studious girls.

  1. Study=120+. Go out alone during the second year.
  2. Study=130+. Occurs automatically during 2 weeks before an exam. When asked, select the second option, "I didn't say that!"
  3. Study=140+. Go out alone. When asked, select the second option, "I worry..."
  4. Study=150+. Study on the weekend. When asked, select the second option, "I'm sure you can do it."
  5. Study=160+. When Himuro-sensei asks you to plan your future, select "Take test for university." When asked, select the second option, "Should we go somewhere?" (Must occur by June 15, Year 3.)
  6. Study=170+. When asked, select the second option, "Let's do it!" (Must occur between July and September.)
  7. Study=180+. Select the "Prepare for culture festival" command. When asked, select the second option, "Don't worry about it."
  8. Select either option to change the hair color for the ending.
  9. On the day of the university entrance exam, select "1st class university". (You'll need Study=150+, Art=150+ to pass.)

Chiharu Love Ending

This hidden character involves going out and shopping 'til you puke. You need to complete all of the steps below by December in the 3rd year.

  1. Total shopping: 6 times. When you receive the email, reply to it.
  2. Go out once to get a reply. When you receive the email, reply, "I'll help you out."
  3. Total shopping: 12 times. Get email about TV shows. Choose any reply, and go out once more to get a reply.
  4. Total shopping: 18 times. Get email about food. Choose any reply, and go out once more to get a reply.
  5. Total shopping: 24 times. Get email about America vs Japan. Choose any reply, and go out once more to get a reply.
  6. Total shopping: 30 times. Get email about dreams for the future. Choose any reply, and go out once more to get a reply.
  7. Total shopping: 36 times. Get email where you finally realize Chiharu is a boy. Reply with "Oh, Chiharu-chan is a boy."
  8. Total shopping: 42 times. Receive reply to previous email.
  9. Total shopping: 48 times. Get email about dating. Choose any reply, and go out once more to get a reply.
  10. Total shopping: 54 times. Talk about the Kirameki High School. Choose either option.
  11. Total shopping: 60 times. Realize that "Chiharu-kun" lives nearby.
  12. Total shopping: 66 times. Get email. Reply with "Let's meet sometime."
  13. Select "OK" to meet in the park.

Best Friend Love Ending

Just because you're best friends with a guy doesn't mean that he won't fall for you! When you become best friends with a character, their little smiling face will always show that they are merely Friendly, but look at the Tokimeki Panel in Tsukushi's information to see the internal value. Furthermore, you can still build up Love Points and Friend Points with Skinship to win them over for a special Best Friend Love Ending!


Goro Ending

There are two major requirements for the Goro ending.


Best Friend Ending

There are two major requirements for a best friend ending.

Girl Ending

There are two basic types of endings with each girl. In one ending, you've been best friends the whole time. In the other ending, you reached VS mode at some point, but then resolved the feelings.

Tsukushi Ending

If no one loves you or is friends with you by the end of the game, Tsukushi will come to comfort you.

Alone Ending

If a guy professes his love for you, and you still turn him down, the ending credits roll with you, alone. Why, oh WHY would you chose this ending?

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