Skinship and Best-friendship

This section describes the two biggest new features to the Nintendo DS version of Girl's Side: skinship and best friends. Use the two in combination to get the new Best Friend endings!


Oh, the confusing glory of the skinship system. In a nutshell, you poke and prod and rub your man to gain Love or Friend Points, which are required for the Best Friend endings. In addition, they give small (but significant) bonuses to Tokimeki and Friend parameters.

How to skinship!

In a nutshell, you can use skinship whenever the guy appears on the right-hand touch screen, and while his dialogue appears on the screen. (Exceptions are: 1) when talking to the guy at the cafe afterschool, or 2) when 2+ characters are on the screen (one is on the left and one is on the right).) To use basic skinship, just follow these three easy steps.

  1. When the guy is on the right and his dialogue is on the screen, slide the pen across the touch screen instead of tapping it.
  2. Rub, tap, or squiggle across the screen.
  3. Continue until the icons appear to raise (or lower) skinship!


Some of the following icons may appear during skinship. Each icon represents 3 points. Up to 6 icons can appear at once.

Pink heartLove Points up!
Blue heartLove Points down!
Yellow music noteFriend Points up!
Pink music noteFriend Points down!
One starClose, but no extra effect
Three starsMinus effects are cut in half, while good effects are given 1.5 points.

Love/Friend level

After performing skinship, a short piece of dialog appears appears on the screen, and the color of the dialogue box indicates the skinship level. What do these matter? Well, getting a high Love level makes it easier to get Love points, while getting a high Friend level makes it easier to get Friend points. The starting point along the route is determined by your relationship level.

ColorLevelLeads toStarting
Green1Level 2 Friend
Level 2 Love
Pale yellow2 FriendLevel 3 Friend
Level 2 Love
Yellow3 Friend--
Pale pink2 LoveLevel 2 Friend
Level 3 Love
Pink3 Love--

Skinship screen

For the most part, skinship is possible any time the guy appears at the right side on the touch screen. The screen is divided into 12 sections representing Head (forehead and hair), Face (eyes, ears, mouth, nose), Body (neck, chest, shoulders), and Hand (wrist, palm, fingers). The areas are sometimes reassigned depending on the guy's pose (ex: Mihara-kun often poses with one hand raised, and Suzuka sometimes has both hands behind his head), but the area for the divisions stays the same. The following image shows the basic divisions:

Image showing the 12 screen divisions

Skinship locations

There are up to eight possible locations for skinship during a date, and two other major possibilities outside of dates.

DateMeeting placeThe entire screen reacts the same way.
Can also be used when you get hit on while waiting.
Arrive at dateSkinship!
Choose specific dateExamples: Which ride at the amusement park, which area of the seaside park.
Do NOT skinship until AFTER choosing your response.
Multiple choiceDo NOT skinship until AFTER choosing your response.
If you give a good response, skinship away! If you give a poor response, do NOT skinship!
Date ratingIf the guy enjoyed the date, skinship away!
If the guy hated the date, do NOT skinship!
Spend more time/
Walk home
The screen is divided into two areas: hands and not hands.
Select the hands to hold hands on the way home, or select the other area for some solid skinship.
In front of houseThe entire screen reacts the same way.
You'll get a bonus skinship opportunity if you're holding hands.
CG eventThe entire screen reacts the same way.
AfterschoolThe entire screen reacts the same way.

Holding hands is a great way to get massive amounts of skinship points, but guys won't hold hands with just anyone. Watch the following two areas and check the reaction to other types of skinship before attempting to hold hands.

  1. Build at least 500 Love and/or Friend points with skinship. (There's no way to see the exact number of points, but just understand that it's a significant amount.)
  2. Get relationship to at least "Like".

Skinship movements

Although unconfirmed, the type of movement you use on the touch pad seems to affect the results. I've gotten good results with drawing little check marks, slashing in different directions across an area, and just plain poking. The guide book recommends rubbing very quickly across a small area "the size of one lens from Morimura-kun's glasses" to gain the three stars. Personally, it doesn't seem any more effective than less stressful actions, but try different motions for different reactions.

Common skinship

The following skinship tips apply to all characters.

In short, pay attention to where you are, to the guy's personality, and to how the system may interpret the skinship. Suzuka-kun might not appreciate a bear hug in the middle of the mall, and Himuro-sensei probably won't react well if you start smacking his head in the middle of the movies.

Individual skinship

Each character has a best area for skinship, special locations where you can perform skinship before answering a question, and a unique skinship quirk. Remember that you may have to build points before the "best" area kicks in, and don't forget the common special locations noted above.

HazukiHead- Planetarium
- Zoo
- Imagine gently rubbing his head like a little kid
- Don't glomp onto him in public areas
- Focus on his head when arriving at a date location
- Skin dates = Body
MorimuraFace- Green Park
- Greenhouse
- Poke at his glasses. Seriously.
- Trying "teasing" him. You'll lose points, but jump Love levels.
- Skin, Exciting dates = Face
- Merry-go-round
- Bungee jump
- Green Park
- His flowing hair and soft hands are the key to skinship
- Hands are more effective early on, while Head is more effective later
- Love points are hard to get until Like/Love relationship,
so build Friend points early
- More Friend points also help jump Love levels later
- Skin dates = Face
KijoFace- Bowling
- Haunted house
- Kijo scares of easily, so don't aim for just Love points.
Love points will only increase with Friend points.
- No bad skinship at special date locations.
In particular, Skin dates work very well, so work the swimming dates!
SuzukaFace- Bowling
- Pool
- Ice skating
- Aim for the sexy bandage on his face
- Suzuka gets embarrassed easily.
Build Love points quietly in places where you're alone or no one will see
- No bad skinship when he saves you from being hit on at the meeting point
- Build good skinship at the beach
HibiyaHand- Seaside Park
- Aquarium
- Hibiya is jumpy, so don't touch the same place repeatedly
- Pay attention to the general date locations (crowded, dark) noted above.
They work extra well with Hibiya
- Once on the Love levels, minus effects disappear
- Don't be afraid to aim for skinship that gives big points to
Love/Friend and takes away from the other
- Billiards
- Museum
- Careful, casual skinship works on Field Trips, too
- At Friendly or lower, aim for the Head
- At Like/Love, aim for the Face
- Love points cannot be gained until Like/Love
- At Like/Love, you can climb the Love levels quite easily
AmanohashiBody- Shopping
- Cruiser
- When shopping, pre-question skinship will not fail
- Build Friend points to make it easier to move along the Love levels
- Love levels reduce bad skinship
- Sound dates = Body

Best Friends

With so many guys around, it makes sense that you can't possibly love ALL of them at once! So "1st Love" gives you a new option: Make some of these guys your best friend. To make a best friend, you need two guys: the future Best Friend (abbreviated below as BF) another another Friendly Guy (abbreviated below as FG).


The BF will show up at your house at the end of the date. Call the BF. You'll get two choices:

Skinship is the key to getting best friend endings, so build the Love and Friend Points like mad to achieve each type of ending.


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