Chigireta Tsubasa

Torn Wings

Sung by: 20th Century
Translated by: Mina-P
Version 1.00

Note: When I first heard this song (performed on a music show in Japan), I was in awe. It's one of the most stunningly beautiful songs I've ever heard, and caused me to fall in love with 20th Century and V6 all over again. Then, translating the song put me in awe again (and, I'll admit, also had me near tears). It's not even so much the storyline of the song, as the fact that the language used is just phenominally beautiful. I did my best to capture at least some of the nuance in my translation. I failed somewhat, so just trust me. This song is BEAUTIFUL.

deau hazu no nai tooi sekai ni
sugata o kaete kimi ga ita n da

In a far off world, where we should never be able to meet
In a different form, you were there

yatto mitsuketa     sugu ni wakatta
naze?     kimi wa kizukanai no?

I finally found you     I knew right away
Why?     Don't you know me?

zutto zutto sagashiteta     tatta hitori toki o koete
na mo naki hoshi-tachi no densetsu

I kept searching and searching for you     All alone I crossed through time
The legend of the nameless stars

tsubasa wa mou iranai     tenkuu no tsumibito
yurusarenu negai o hanateba
yureru minamo     shizundeku     gin no tsuki

I don't need wings any more     a sinner from heaven
If I turn loose unforgivable wishes
Sinking beneath     the surface of trembling water     the silver moon

miagete goran     haruka kanata ni
kawaru koto no nai ai ga aru n da

Look up there     far off in the distance
There's a never-changing love

boku wa koko kara mimamoru dake no
fukai kanashimi seotte     ima

I can only watch over you from here
I must bear that deep sorrow     now

kibou kara zetsubou e to kazamuki ni sakaraenai
chigireta tsubasa     kimi ni todoke

I can't withstand the winds running from hope to despair
May my torn wings     carry me to you

hikari sae shiranai     shinkai no koibito
tobikonde omoi o togeyou
sora to umi ni hikisakareta chikai o...

They've never even seen the light     those lovers buried deep in the sea
Let's dive in and realize our deepest desires
And our vows, torn apart by sky and sea...

tamashi no kakera     tsugi no yo made kagayakitsuzukeru
taemanai itami     hatenai kodoku
nanimo osorenai     mayowazu ochiteyuku
boku wa kimi no moto e

The shards of your soul     continue to sparkle into the next world
Incessant pain     Never-ending loneliness
Afraid of nothing     I fall unerringly
Towards you

kiseki nado iranai     eien no koibito
suiheisen saegiru unmei
noboru taiyou     kono tsubasa moyashitemo

I don't need a miracle     we are eternal lovers
Our fate blocks out the horizon
Even if the rising sun     burns these wings

sora to umi ni hikisakareta chikai o...

And our vows, torn apart by sky and sea...

Lyrics belong to MIZUE and Avex Trax, taken from the Replay ~Best of 20th Century album, AVCD-17420~1 (disc 1, track 1). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P.

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