Rudery big up
Sung by: Coming Century
Translated by: Mina-P
Version 1.00

Note: To be entirely honest, this song title confused me for a while. I mean, "Rudery"? What is that? Turns out, it's a real word after all, and it means just what you'd think it means. The weirdest part is that once you really pay attention to the lyrics, you realize that the lyricist KOMU actually means what you think he means by "Rudery big up", too. Anyway, this is one of my top songs, ever. I simply can't stop grooving to club feel.

(* 1)
Ru Rudery big up
kanjiru mama     nayamu koto nante nai
omou mama ni comin' up
Ru Rudery big up
ki ga tsukeba     sou itsumo konna kanji de
sawaideru we make some noise

Ru Rudery big up
Just like you feel     there's nothing to worry about
Just like you think comin' up
Ru Rudery big up
Before you know it     Yeah, it's always like this
Making some noise we make some noise

street tsukiatari de     dare tomonaku start together
hajime ha mazu shake hand Year!! machi naka demo party party
nante koto nai     wadai de atsuku nareru
nannimo nai     kedo kao o awasereba
tanoshiku nareru nakama ga iru
itsumademo waratterareru     ki ga sumu made funny funny

At the end of the street     Someone suddenly start together
First you gotta shake hand Year!! The whole town is party party
The converstaion heats up     over nothing at all
It's nothing     but if we look at each other
There's someone who we can have fun with
Always laughing at me     Until it's over, it's funny funny

(* 2)
Ru Rudery big up
gyougi warui     gurai ga choudo ii
raku ni rough ni comin' up
yukkuri shitekeba?
yurui kuuki     tsutsumareru happiness
egao de kazasou Hand's up!!

Ru Rudery big up
A little rude     is just right
Easy and rough and comin' up
Wanna take your time?
In the loose atmosphere     we can grab a hold of happiness
Let's hold up our smiles Hand's up!!

nanka aitsu genki naku nai?
kono mae no ano ko no koto ja nai?
yo- naraba ai ni iku kkya nai!
Let's uno!! dos!! tres!! Jumpin'
ichido atta ano hika kara zutto
unmei no hito da to omotta kitto
machigainai     konna hajimete no kanjou
dattara ima shika nai Let's get it on!!
itsudemo     subete     sarakedaseru koko ga
tamaranaku daiji nanda     sou     itsumademo we are family

Don't he look kinda bummed?
Ain't it about that girl earlier?
yo- Then ya gotta go and see her!
Let's uno!! dos!! tres!! Jumpin'
From the first day that we met
I thought you were the One
That's gotta be it     Never felt this way before
Then we're gotta do it now Let's get it on!!
We always     let everything     hang out here
More important than anything     Yeah     Always, we are family

(* 1)

(* 2)
(* 1)
(* 2)

Ru Rudery big up...

Lyrics belong to KOMU and Avex Trax, taken from the musicmind album, AVCD-17818 (track 7). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P.

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